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    2. Details

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      PTW-3300 fire alarm control panel
      • PTW-3300 fire alarm control panel
      • Specifications
        • Product Name:PTW-3300 fire alarm control panel
        • Product ID:PTW-3300
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      • Details
      • 1. Description

        PTW-3300 pertains to high-performance fire alarm control panel with 32-bit micro-processor whose module design enables the system to run flexibly. This panel can either work alone or be accessed to PFN network, together with PTW-NCA and ProWorks, to satisfy any requirements on buildings fire alarm.

        2. Characteristics

        Built-in operation system with the application of UNICODE technology and cinicization kernel, a real Chinese-character control panel

        Module design and flexible systematic configuration 

        Ten loops for annular, non-annular and T-shaped connection

        159 intelligent detectors and 159 intelligent modules accessed to a single loop

        性  high systematic reliability, detectors activating alarm circuit and relay when  

        CPU breaking down

        UTP (Unshielded Twisted Paired) loops with the maximum length of 3,800 meters

        640-character display or none, the former supporting Chinese characters display

        Independent network interface for real-time network connection

        All-digital, accurate and reliable communication protocol 

        EIA-485(ACS mode) interface for maximum 32 groups of matrix-type LED control panel and analog map

        RDP communication interface for 32 large LCD-160s displaying in Chinese 

        In-built alarm, fault, monitor and prevention relays

        Programmable straight-line input/output circuit card interface for 96-loop straight-line input/output

        VIEW early-alarm laser detectors, detectors in harsh environment and smoke and thermal detectors 

        EIA-232 printer interface for Chinese print

        Multi-level alarm and pre-alarm sensitivity setting

        Unique and advanced AWACS algorithm: drift compensation, maintenance warning, automatic pre-alarm, associated detector algorithm

        Ten In-built fire control areas: emergency stop, manual start, delay, timing start and joint operation

        Automatic programming function facilitating installation and debug

        Complete field programming or off-line programming via VeriFire, checking and comparing program



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