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      Celebrate Spring Festival


      Dear colleagues and dear partners, the Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we have seen dawn of the New Year already. At this point, we would like to extend our warmest greetings and express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your hard work and devotion and wish you all the best. Also, we want to show our deep respect for your commitment. As 2016 is coming soon, we have to say goodbye to 2015 which is a year full of challenges and achievement and then we are ushered in a promising new year to strive for success. No matter how many difficulties and setbacks you come across tomorrow, let us join hands to work together and take more action with less complaint. Furthermore, we should raise our confidence, boost our morale and work harder and that also requires us to bring group wisdom and strength into play, contribution to your passion and talent so as to compose a new chapter for yourself and Protectwell.

      Thanks to the greatest endeavor and dedication made by all of us, we consistently have grown healthily, steadily and continually in the last nine years. The achievement we made is what our leaders expect of us and what our managers desire for as well despite go through hardships, and it also embodies our goal and unremitting efforts for all of us. In 2016, we will further optimize business management; look for a broader space for development and increase the level of risk tolerance. In future, we will put strategic purpose of talent development first for the sake of commitment to provide us with an extensive and promising platform for future growth. Meanwhile, we welcome the broad masses of excellent people who have years of experience in handling this line recommended to our Protectwell’s family in order to bring much more fresh and greater vitality to our company so that we can continue to grow and win in the market competition in the future.

      Last but not least, at this moment, our directors on the board and leaders sincerely wish you a happy Spring Festival, good luck and perfect health, and your family happiness. May you everything goes well with your work!

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