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    2. Environment Protection

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      Environment protection

           To advance the sustainable development of economy and society, Guangzhou Protectwell Electronic & Technologic Co.,Ltd. is committed to improving regional environment and moving toward the building of an ecological city, delivering following promises:


      1. Strong environment protection awareness

           Our company launches in-depth promotions on environment protection so as to advocate the philosophy o f scientific development. Furthermore, we should strengthen our corporate culture, fostering a sense of “honorable to protect environment while shameless to contaminate environment. Environment protection should be intensified through corporate prosperity while corporate prosperity should be sought through environment protection. We shoulder the responsibility of environment protection so as to protect public health and promote the sustainable development of society, economy and environment.


      2. Strict observance of laws and regulations on environment protection

           Our company is in line with the implementation of environment protection policies, laws, regulations and standards, proactive in accepting legitimate inspections and supervisors. Any contamination activities are prohibited so as to ensure the environment quality.

      3. Intensified pollution control and treatment

           Our company increases our investment in energy saving, emission reduction as well as technology innovation so as to completely realize goals of energy saving and emission reduction. Backward manufacturing facilities and technologies should be eliminated. Instead, we should actively carry out clean production, boost recyclable economy, enhance the rate of multipurpose utilization of resources and cut off the emission of pollutants.

      4. Accepting social supervision

           We should improve our corporate environment management, consolidate our sense of integrity so as to create an energy-saving and environment-friendly corporate brand. Moreover, public and press supervision is welcome so as to push forward our improvements on environment protection.


          Those are our commitments to environment protections and to the public. We will never shirk our responsibility of environment protection; additionally, Protectwell is and will always adhere to integrity and laws.



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