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    2. A Letter from Our President/General Manager

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      Guangzhou Protectwell Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd is expertise in inventing, generating and selling fire alarm products which are certified by ISO-9001:2008. developing and producing automatic fire alarm system under the certification of CCCF, UL and FM. On August, 2014, Protectwell was listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ).

      In terms of CPU, due to the utility of integrated dual 32-bit processor, great improvements have been made in the velocity of data handling and analysis and  no-fire signals (like dust, humidity, oil stain),which has largely reduced the occurrence of false fire alarm. Furthermore, our CPU is equipped with full-featured programmable control panel which conveniently serves for end users.

      As to our peripheral devices, merits of three kinds of fire alarm system are presented as follows: the reflection-type infrared beam smoke detector facilitates the installation and wire construction at the two ends of detector; the laser incipient smoke detector is applicable for air cleaning since it sounds warning signal and save rescue time before the generation of smoke particles; ultimately, our evacuation and command system adopts advanced international command fashion instead of the command way of conventional broadcast, audible and visual alarm and alarm bell.

      Protectwell is aimed at serving for high-or-mid customers. Our products are particularly comprehensive, not only applied to the automatic fire alarm system in both industrial and civil fields but also applied to electrified detection so that customers’ requirements for unified brands are completely met, which significantly enhances the system’s stability and better serves for customers, without purchasing facilities from third party.

      In spite of the huge impact the upgrading of technology has imposed on fire alarm enterprises, the fire alarm market actually become much more normalized. A standardized market, as we suppose, will increasingly build up our confidence to forge better products for customers. 

      In addition, foreign products should undergo all performance test and CCC certification before entering domestic market. By the virtue of years of scientific R&D technology, our products have successfully passed all tests and entered the domestic market, meeting the requirements of both GB16806-2006 and GB4717-2005.

      As the fire alarm market becomes more normalized, either foreign or domestic brands make great strides in technology and products quality. In addition, the public’s recognition and fire prevention awareness have been intensified on account of public advocacy and exhibition promotion. Protectwell will do our utmost to create more reliable and safe automatic fire alarm system for our customers in this normalized market. Despite our short entry in Chinese market, we have attended many large-scale exhibitions to expand our market share, hoping more and more customers will get better understanding about our products.



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